Emmanuel Garcia is a student, musician, and avid cross-country runner. He was a soccer player for several years, until he discovered his love for cross-country in high school. Starting in 2011, he began getting increasingly involved in the sport, and has won numerous medals and awards for his performance in meets and championships. Emmanuel is also a talented musician, who has played the trumpet in a number of jazz bands and performed a multitude of concerts since the 5th grade.

Emmanuel is passionate about cross-country. He came across the sport in high school, and quickly made the switch from soccer: his aerodynamic build allowed him to excel in the discipline. He quickly gained recognition for his skill: in his first year of cross-country, he was named Cross Country Freshman Team Champion by the Bergen County Coaches Association, and was given the Doc Braver Invitational Freshman/J-V medal. In 2012, he came in 10th place at the Ridgewood Invitational run. In the fall of 2013 came Emmanuel’s first significant win: he came in first place during the Cross Country Invitational. He also received an Honorable Mention and a letter of congratulations from Ridgewood High School Principal.

In his final year of high school, Emmanuel participated in a number of cross-country events. He came in 3rd place at the Garret Invitational, and 14th place at the Big North Championship. His team also came in second at the Bergen County Meet of Champions. Emmanuel participated in a number of the Pawlowski Relays between 2012 and 2015.

Emmanuel particularly enjoys being able to compete against himself, rather than an adversary. He loves cross-country because it forces him to constantly seek to better himself, improve his own time, and work on his abilities, rather than adapt to the skillset and abilities of his teammates. His constant will to better his performance has allowed him to become one of the best runners in the state.